WHAT: The smartest 17-21 year olds in Oslo helping you succeed – with no-fear can-do attitude and hungry brains. We run the Oslo Young Global Talent program – HERE. The best and the brightest want to learn how to build the next Google, helping you growing your startup.

EXPECT? When you get a Global Talent you can expect to get brainy help. Only the best 3-5% graduates qualify for the program. The Global Talent helps out during 3-12 months, typically some days per week after school. School comes first as IvyOxbridge is next. But to get in they need real-life experience – of entrepreneurialism and leadership.

IDEALLY: Helping each other succeed is the credo of the Hub. Get help from the best. Offer the best learning experience. Get hours of brainy hard work – in strategy, market-entry, product development.

REMUNERATION: Our Young Global Talent do not get or expect shares or money. They get a real-life learning experience, make it a good one! If you hit it off, you are free to invite that person into closer collaboration at a later stage.

PARTNERS: Stanford Alumni Norway Chapter, Cambridge Alumni Norway Chapter (TBC)

GET HELP? Contact the Hub Program Consultant HERE, with “Young Global Talent” in the subject line.

GIVE HELP? If you read this and are interested in becoming a Young Global Talent you have to be top 3-5% of your year and to be able to demonstrate potential in entrepreneurship and leadership. Read our intro-text and mail us.

The Pilot:


From September 29th to October 3rd, the Young Global Talent Program took place at Oslo International Hub. Three companis, Bravocar, Alarga and ConferenceSaver, were the hosts for three High School students from schools in Oslo. Working five hours per day, the three Talents contributed to their individual host startups through concrete work, constructive feedback from a young perspective, and gained valuable insight into the life as an entrepreneur. The three Talents had the following to say about their experience at Oslo International Hub’s Young Global Talent Pilot: