WHAT: Norwegians studying abroad – helping you succeed, helping you grow abroad. How to go to market abroad – the $1mill question. Maybe your startup just might be helped by having a part-time trainee abroad?

EXPECT: Norwegians studying abroad often feel a lack Norwegian work experience, network and contacts. Being your trainee might be mutually beneficial. Meet when home on holidays. Work over Skype or independently.

IDEALLY: Get help in your target market – by somebody close to your industry – with updated research-based knowledge of your field. In Norwegian or English. By somebody home in Norway regularly.

REMUNERATION: Our Trainees Abroad do not get or expect shares or money. They get a real-life learning experience, make it a good one! If you hit it off, you are free to invite that person into closer collaboration at a later stage or when they move home.


GET HELP? Contact the Hub Program Consultant HERE, with “Trainee Abroad” in the subject line.

GIVE HELP? If you read this and are interested in becoming a Trainee Abroad please read our intro-text and mail us.