WHAT? Seniors helping your startup! The Hub has a network of senior mentors to support you, our members. All our senior mentors have international experience, they are typically recently retired with a desire to help startups succeed with the help of senior experience.

EXPECT? When you get a Senior Mentor you can expect to get help. Experience meets startup – good combo! Your Senior Mentor will follow your startup over time, guiding your next steps and asking the right questions. It is always up to you to which degree you want to follow the advice.

IDEALLY: We strive to make a good match. Ideally your Senior Mentor has experience from your industry, your target markets, maybe speaking your own language. But the main point is that he/she is senior. Offering you years of hard-earned business advice just where you are now.

REMUNERATION: Our Senior Mentors do not get or expect shares or money. If you hit it off, you are free to invite that person into closer collaboration – advisory board, your board or in any other role.

PARTNER: Seniorsaken – the forward-leaning Senior Association of Norway (TBC)

GET HELP? Contact the Hub Program Consultant HERE, with “Senior Mentor” in the subject line.

GIVE HELP? If you read this and are interested in becoming a Senior Mentor, read our intro-text and mail us.