WHAT: You live abroad but have ties with Norway. You may be a Norwegian expat or investor based abroad for years – or an international with strong ties in Norway. The Oslo International Hub offers to be your professional home, when you are home from abroad just for days.

EXPECT: With us you find one of the few truly international work environments in Norway. You belong. We come out of the Oslo International Club (for expats and repats since 2011) and have kept our Club ethos in the Hub. Start-ups and small companies, age range from 30 to 70. Centrally located in representative offices with a view over the Oslo Fjord.

PARTNER: Norwegian Expat Parliament (TBC) – where the Hub founder also was a founding member, Sons of Norway (TBC), Den Norske Club London (TBC), Sjømannskirken (TBC).

REPAT ENVIRONMENT: Several Repats are already on our Repat program – whether living in Monaco or based in the US as a serial entrepreneur for 20+ years. With us you have a distinctly cosmopolitan base in a sea of very Norwegian Norwegians. You belong – not only by being Norwegian, but also by being larger than Norwegian. The Hub is wholly a repat initiative. Returning to Norway, finding Norway rather inward-looking, our Founder first set up the Oslo International Club (now ca 2000 expats/repats) and then the Oslo International Hub.

STANDARD: We offer the most international startup environment, in CBD between Nationaltheateret/UD and Aker Brygge/Nobel Peace Centre. Top floor with view over all the fjord. With member-rates for one of the most stunning function rooms in Oslo – The View [LINK]. And for those swanky meetings or staying shorter or longer, we offer our members discounted rates with our partners: The Thief (TBC) – the most upmarket international hotel in Oslo – and Frogner House Apartments (TBC) – your home away from home with X locations around Oslo, one just 150m? away from your Hub.

DETAILS: You have a desk and meeting rooms when you need it. We can solve things for you when you are abroad. Individual packages tailored to your needs.