Mentor Program

In the mentor program, established business people help your company succeed – with a wealth of experience and an extensive network. 

Established business professionals will provide you with guidance and inspiration you need to start and develop your business.

Business mentor can truly share his or her wisdom with you in a manner that can have a directly positive impact on the growth of your business over time. They can help you get access to the key persons in your industry via their network. Your mentor can also be your sounding board, offer second opinion on the questions that are important to you or maybe emotional support if there is a need for that.

We have qualified and experienced mentors that can help you with most of your business needs. We offer the following packages:

Business plan, marketing strategy, business development/action plan related mentoring

Price :  600kr /hour, first hour free (for OIH members)
             (2750Kr / 5 hours or 5000kr/ 10 hours)

If you are interested in the program, contact us via email: