So what do our Hub Ambassadors do? And how can you as a startup work with our ambassadors? Here are examples, but get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your situation:

Case examples

-You may be a tech company wanting to get in touch with the perfect partner in Bangalore, our ambassador Håkon can help.
-You may seek to build your US base in New York? Our ambassador Rahfeal can help.
-You want to sell to some of the countries in the world with the highest proportion of young people? Ask Marit in Cairo.
-Do you need a trusted person to visit a certain company where our ambassadors happen to be? Wanna ask our ambassadors to drop by and check them out?
-Need new suppliers of whatever? Ask our ambassadors.
-You need to have some representation at a fair in Bangalore or New York? Just ask!

Can YOU get help from our Ambassadors?
Yes, you can. Get in touch [] !

The Hub ambassadors help the Hub

Of course, our Hub ambassadors not only work with startups, but also with the Hub itself. Here are some examples:

-To increase awareness and opportunities for Hub entrepreneurs and the Hub
-The Hub Ambassadors represent the Hub at relevant high profile events within Norway and around the world.
-Consult and advise the HUB leadership on relevant issues
-To further the Hub values of tolerance, cosmopolitanism and value creation
-To encourage strong cultural ties and create good will with incubators and hubs around the world
-Visit the Hub several times per year, for example Rahfeal being part of the opening ceremony of International House with Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland

Current Hub Ambassadors


rahgor 1

Rahfeal Gordon


 Marit Slind