About us

We are an international startup incubator,
an environment for innovation, development and networking.

We have assembled a team of highly experienced international and Norwegian professionals with broad connections within Oslo, throughout Norway, and around the world to help you build your business here and globally.

Contact us with questions about your business needs, office spaces, event venues, programs, pitching, investors, international business, or other.

Our Core Team

Jørn Lein-Mathisen


  • Background in public sector and European Commission.
  • Ex parliamentary advisor to Erna Solberg.
  • Extensive knowledge on business development, start-ups, investments and mentoring.

Rita Anson

Project Manager

  • Head of programs for startups and investors.
  • Manages funding application proposals.
  • Implements entrepreneurship training-oriented programs.


Our Supporting Team

Johan Morales

Junior Project Manager and Communications Coordinator

  • Facilitating and executing project-based partnership programs, as well as overlooking strategic objectives and communications.
  • Background in international business and relevant work experience within communications as well as in inclusion and diversity.
  • As a certified project manager and executive diversity trainer, Johan contributes to the quality of the co-delivered projects, and participates in its respective strategies and content developing stages.
  • Passionate about global development, youth empowerment, and social entrepreneurship.

Andrea Maya

Office Manager

  • Industrial Engineer with a background in operations management, building maintenance and administration.
  • Experience creating and managing high-performance and multi faceted teams for achievement of generals goals and objectives.
  • Project design and implementation.
  • Administrative and financial planning, practical training in team coaching as well as HR.
  • Experience in Latin America and Norway.

Annelise Carnero

Digital Marketing & Communication

  • Journalist with Master in Multimedia, Usability and User Experience.
  • Digital Marketing strategist for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Online Advertising that targets leads and goals.
  • Digital Traffik Expert who "plays" with Funnels, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation.
  • Work experience in Venezuela, Spain and Norway.

Our Vision

Oslo International Hub is the leading force in charting a path towards a sustainable business sector by connecting international talents and making Oslo more welcoming to and supportive of the global community.

Because a diverse and balanced innovation economy is essential to holistic progress, we help create an inclusive environment by empowering Startups and investors through our programs.

We are on a mission to close the gap for international integration in Norway.

More About Us

Oslo International Hub at Oscars gate 27 was established in January 2014.

It is Norway's largest permanent meeting place for international knowledge workers.

Over 4,000 people have been with us - and many have launched their own startups with us. We have experience with everything regarding internationals, from talent attraction to friendliness to welcoming foreigners.

Oslo International Hub is now a renowned actor in the Norwegian innovation ecosystem, has significant experience guiding and helping to develop professional youth and young entrepreneurs living in Norway. With approx. 100 member companies driven by leaders with international backgrounds, we have a broad competence set and network.

Oslo International Hub is not just another co-working space. The Hub is also an incubator heavily involved in the development of local and internationally-minded companies, both members of the Hub and others.

Oslo International Hub prides itself on being at the center of cross-border business in Oslo by welcoming delegations of business professionals from other countries and facilitating the set up of bilateral Chambers of Commerce.

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What Others Are Saying About Us

"Oslo International Hub is an ideal 'home' for entrepreneurs, active job seekers, and mentoring investors where sharing is caring. An international mindset is the only criteria one needs to join the hub and its related community. From courses and meetings to an expansion of activities globally, anything is possible! Yes, I mean it!"Nalinava Sen Gupta – Co-founder, and CEO of iNANOD AS
"I come because the energy of the folks charges my batteries. I choose to surround myself with people who are positive, passionate, creative, and life-embracing, and I find these kinds of folks hang out at OIH. Double bonus – they are very international, with experiences from all over the globe."Marcelle Askew – American marketing executive in Oslo
"You are a role model for the rest of Norway. Every initiative took the conversation to the next level and created a forum to leverage international human capital in Norway. I wish you the very best and hope to visit sometime and share insights. In these difficult times, innovation is the only thing that will take Norway into the 21st century. "Karthik Iyer – Indian Academic and Thought Leader on Innovation


At Oslo International Hub, you can choose a workspace that matches the stage of your business from a virtual office to a full office.

An overview of our locations can be found below. If you have any questions, please contact us at mail@oslointernationalhub.com

International House

Bærum International Hub (our Sister Entity in Viken county)