About Marit Slind

Marit Slind is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Translind Language Services (TLS) in Cairo, Egypt. As an entrepreneur, she saw a gap in the Egyptian market and decided to establish a company that provides language services which include translations and interpretations. The mission statement of the company is “Building cross cultural bridges for people and companies by providing the highest standard of language services optimizing the way we communicate.”

Discovering the world through language

With over a decade of work experience both part­time and full­time in various fields, Marit always had a passion for languages and discovering new places. She started working when she was 13 years old, and all her references show how much of a hard worker and leader she was even at a young age. When she was 18 she moved abroad to Los Angeles, and her first trip to Cairo came in 2006 when she completed a stint of community work over a two month period in rural areas. Marit describes her first encounter with Egypt at such a young age as eye-opening and transformational. As a citizen of Norway it was difficult for her to see the large gaps between social classes, and she saw a need early on to try and help people. Despite this, at the time she felt a sense of hopelessness. The only way for her to make a long lasting difference was to find her passion and establish a lifelong career ­ in which she aims to eventually make valuable contributions to Egyptian society.

Marit has always wanted to run her own company but says it took a few years for her to discover her passion. She has ambitious expansion plans and will also soon open a company in Norway. In addition to being passionate about languages she is also passionate about building bridges between cultures. She has done a number of successful projects with organizations in several countries. Prior to establishing her company in Egypt she worked in Oslo doing a project with Oslo International Hub in correlation with the initiative Business for Peace. Her impressive CV lists various recognitions and responsibilities such as chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council at the Model United Nations conference in Karachi, Pakistan. In 2014 she participated in the European Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Maastricht, the Netherlands as a delegate representing the United Arab Emirates in the Arab League. There she won the award for best delegate. Her success with MUN did not stop there. She is currently the founder and director of Cairo English School’s Model United Nations. This is now a successful afterschool activity at the school and has grown exponentially since it started. Approximately 40 students attend every week and they attend several conferences throughout the school year.

 Her aim for her company is to become a growing leader in the global market providing comprehensive language services to firms and individual clients. Her firm was recently accredited by the Egyptian Translation Association (EGYTA), one of her major achievements this year. The law firm she is involved with in Cairo, Dib & Co., is one of the largest and most respected firms in Egypt. They recently amended the commercial registry of Translind, adding two services: business consultancy and language courses. It is Marit’s aim to open a language centre by the end of 2016. Marit recently became the ambassador to the Middle East at Oslo International Hub and hopes this can be a platform for Norwegian companies to do business with companies throughout the Middle East.


This summer Marit decided to set up the same company in Norway but as a full-fledged Norwegian company with an office space at Oslo International Hub – address: Oscarsgate 27, 0352 Oslo. The reason why she opened a separate Limited Liability company in Norway and not a branch of the Egyptian LLC was mainly due to the financial difficulties that Egypt has been going through these last years. Transferring money in and out of the country has been extremely difficult and unprofitable. The reason why her company is going well in Egypt and why it wasn’t affected that much by the financial crisis was because she is selling services and not products. Many of her friends who have companies in Egypt who sells products are facing more difficulties due to the increase in taxes etc. There is always a need of translation services and other language services, however it’s mainly been profitable inside of Egypt. She had to think of another solution when situations require you to hire a translator abroad or have a client from abroad so it would be profitable and manageable for both parties. Having a Norwegian company helps a lot and it is easier to expand and open branches from the Norwegian company throughout Europe. Europeans, both clients and employees would also prefer to deal with a European company. Most certainly banks as well. Her aim is to create a global company; hence she has been trying to find the most effective ways in which the company can successfully tackle such challenges. She took an executive decision and chose to let the Egyptian company focus on the Egyptian market (mainly) and the rest of the Middle-East, and that the Norwegian company will focus on the European market. She has already applied to open a branch of the Norwegian company in London and is planning to be based in London most of the time starting January 2017. “What many people find perplexing is the fact that I run my business from anywhere”, she tells us. That is actually her aim, to develop a global company where everything is online. She does not want to have several offices or for employees to have to come into the office. She has developed a great team that she communicates with mainly via web or telephone. They only meet when necessary, when signing contracts or discussing important matters. The reason why she hasn’t marketed herself much in Norway and Europe yet is because she has spent these last months establishing a stronger presence in the Egyptian market as well as working on two rigorous online programs that will launch soon. The future is all about technology, Translind aims to use technology to maximize efficiency. Technology should make people’s lives easier. In this busy world we live in, everyone wants easy access to an app or online program that works fast and gets you the results you want. She aims to stay up to date with the market. It has to be compatible with all devices and user-friendly. London is an exciting market and she is already working on an exciting project that she will not tell us much about. She tells us to stay tuned as her company is venturing into many new business venues very soon.

Company website: www.translind.com

Instagram company account: www.instagram.com/translindofficial

Facebook company page: www.facebook.com/translind

Law firm: www.eldib.com